Our starting lineup

Spaces VR opens for the first time ever today! We have six HTC Vive virtual reality systems hooked up to PCs loaded with a bunch of great games and experiences:

  • In Space Pirate Trainer you will duck and dodge laser blasts from waves of enemy drones as you wield blasters and a shield to take them out. Add in a fantastic soundtrack and this experience is a total rush!
  • Superhot VR is for everyone who ever loved re-enacting slow-motion action scenes (guilty as charged). You will take cover, dodge bullets, knives, and fists, and kung-pow bad guys (who are made out of glass) into oblivion as you make your way through this insanely addictive experience!
  • Job Simulator puts you in a whacky future ruled by robots. This experience highlights just how engrossing virtual reality can be. You can interact with everything around you as you fulfill the endless challenges issued by your robot bosses. Kids (and adults) absolutely love this experience!
  • The Gallery: Call of the Starseed is one of the most beautiful and immersive VR experiences available. Its creators, Cloudhead Games, are based out of Qualicum Beach! You will have to solve several engaging puzzles as you journey through this amazing virtual world packed with all kinds of interactive objects. Don’t forget to pick up and test out everything!
  • The Brookhaven Experiment: This game will test your nerves like no other (definitely not for young kids). Equipped with a flashlight and weapons, you will have to fend off zombies coming at you from all directions. The real challenge is stopping yourself from ripping off you VR headset as you try to escape the nightmare. This is definitely one for Halloween!
  • We have more too! Come to Spaces VR to check it all out. Book Now to Experience it Here.