Project Cars 2 Quickguide

Hey everybody, and welcome to Spaces VR’s quick-guide for Project Cars 2. Watch the video above or read the article below to discover how to get the most out of your time in one of our VR cockpits.

To navigate the menus in VR you use a gaze-controlled cursor. Just look at the menu item you want to select and then press the select button. From the Quick Play menu on the opening screen, Custom Race is the place to start unless you are a seasoned driver ready to compete online. Everything that follows is about setting up the right Custom Race for you.

By choosing a motorsport preset, you can whittle down the track and vehicle options, so this should be your first major decision. You can choose from categories including rallycross, open wheeler, and road. If you are keen on using the stick shift then you should consider road, or GT because these categories offer the greatest selection of cars with the traditional manual transmission.

After selecting you car it is time to choose a track. If you chose your motorsport first, then you will only be presented with tracks appropriate to that category. From here you should decide on race settings, session settings, opponent settings and rules and regulations. These settings are straightforward, so take a look and adjust them to suit your preference. We recommend that you turn rules and regulations off if you just want to have some fun without worrying about penalties for cutting corners or hitting other cars.

Hit Start and you are almost ready to race. From the pit you can select Options to do some final tweaking. Now would be the time to adjust transmission settings. Click on controls, then scroll down to gearing. Manual gearing with an automatic clutch is the setting for using paddle and sequential shifters. Choose manual gearing and turn the automatic clutch off to use a stick shift. Hit back twice and get ready to START YOUR ENGINE. Happy racing.