What’s on at Spaces

We are making some exciting additions to our lineup as we head into May, and also letting go of some of our less popular experiences. Click on the images below to see some gameplay footage.

Last week we added Elven Assassin, an archery wave shooter that is already proving to be a hit. While the single player game is fun in itself, multiplayer is straight up addictive. Slaying orcs, giant trolls, and dragons has never been this fun, except when they fight back with flying axes and hellfire. Duck!

Archery; multiplayer; awesome

Skyfront VR is another multiplayer game we are adding this week. Strap on your flight suit to battle it out in a variety of floating arenas. This is a great experience for anyone not satisfied with ground travel.

Also up this week is Loco Dojo, a whacky multiplayer game that pits players against each other in a series of silly mini-games as they progress through Grand Sensei’s Table of Trials. This is a fantastic game for all ages.

Stand Out Battle Royale VR is coming May 1. This game puts you on a massive Island with up to 30 other fighters who all want to be the last player standing in this winner-takes-all combat simulator. You will need to arm yourself with some of the many weapons that are scattered about the island if you want to survive the mayhem. Are you the one?


Experiences that we will be saying goodbye to, at least for now, include Raw Data, Island 359, Onward, and Quivr.