Beat Saber Global Tournament Aug 17

Attention masters of rhythm
Spaces VR will be a venue for a global Beat Saber tournament that the Virtual Athletics League (VAL) is holding on Friday August 17. Anyone at least 13 years of age can participate for free by signing up here. In addition to yet-to-be announced prizes from VAL, Spaces will be offering coupons for two free hours to the in-store winner, and one free hour to the runner up. A lot of details are pending, but here is what we know so far:

  • Players must play the songs $100 bill and Escape on expert mode back to back. The player with the highest combined score wins
  • To enter you score in the global tournament we will have to take video of your run
  • No fail will be turned on so that everyone who tries will be able to post a score (fantastic for beginners)
  • The tournament will start sometime after 5pm

Please sign up soon here. If we can get at least 18 confirmed entrants we will close off the store for a couple of hours to host an in house tournament the same day.

If you have any questions: