What’s on at Spaces Oct 9

October is the month of pumpkins and creepy characters, both of which feature prominently in Stress Level Zero’s Duck Season. This homage to late 80’s hit Duck Hunt takes place in, you guessed it, the eighties. While hunting ducks is part of Duck Season, the game is more about a boy, his mom, and the creepiest dog I have ever met in any reality, virtual or otherwise. Watch as I attempt to finish the game without incurring the wrath of the dog-mascot creature. (Spoiler alert: This video shows one of the seven possible endings)

Pioneering VR developer Survios has been hard a work, releasing a couple of fantastic games over the past few months: Electronauts and Creed. Electronauts is the ultimate outer-space DJ experience. If you are wondering why anyone would want to be a DJ in outer space then stay tuned, because this game can be incredibly fun, especially in multiplayer with a friend. Check out Matt & Tyler grooving and giggling their way through the galaxy.

Next up from Survios is Creed: Rise to Glory. This arcade boxer has the best blocking and punching system I have seen in VR. It is fast paced, and rewards players of all skill level. You do not have to be Rocky Balboa to knock down your chiseled and tattooed opponents. That said, you will have to train with Rocky to make it to the championship fight. What could be better than having the Italian Stallion in your corner?