Recruiting Onward squad for competitive play

Spaces VR wants to form an Onward squad for competitive play in the VR Masters League. Onward is a strategic military sim with a team deathmatch/capture the flag (or satellite uplink) format. Most importantly, it is tons of fun.

  • No experience is necessary.
  • Onward has a height requirement of around 5’6″
  • Looking for dedicated players who are willing to put in several hours of practice each week, compete in weekly matches, and spend time watching video of other team’s matches.
  • Team members will be able to practice and play at Spaces VR; having their own headset at home would be a bonus
  • Team dues will be $50 per month per player to cover cost of space and equipment, and other expenses related to managing the team.
  • Team members would have to purchase Onward on Steam
  • We need five players for a full squad, and the maximum team size is eight players

Email if this sounds like fun.

Watch this video for an idea of what competitive play is like.