Westworld Awakening: Scary and Full of Twists

Westworld Awakening game play

If you have never heard of Westworld, then like me, you probably don’t have HBO. After playing the game for a while, I have been tempted to sign up. You play as Kate Wesson, and the first time I stepped in, despite some narrative hints, I didn’t realize I was actually an animatronic robot in a futuristic theme park for the wealthy people who pay big bucks to fulfill their darkest fantasies. Interesting plot…check.

The first chapter of the game is mostly narrative. Although you have to perform tasks to move the story forward, there isn’t much in the way of game play. Still, the environment is gorgeous and there are plenty of scares. About halfway through chapter two the game takes on a stealth element, and you have to hide from your pursuer while solving simple puzzles to move the story forward. Unfortunately, the controls can be clunky at times, which is a little frustrating when you are already freaking out because a psychopath is on your trail.

That said, Westworld Awakening does a great job of creating a tense atmosphere, especially for jumpy people like yours truly. I was literally shaking in my boots most of the time I played. If you are looking for a thrill and a good story line, then this could be your game.

October Leader Board Challenge: Superhot

Post your in-store Superhot VR score in October for a chance to win a free hour at Spaces. The highest score as of October 31 wins! We will also give an hour to the first player to beat the owner’s score of 73,608. To enter, take a photo of your high score at Spaces VR and show it to staff.

New Arizona Sunshine DLC

The Damned is a prequel to the only other DLC for Arizona Sunshine, Dead Man (which is a prequel to the main game). Check out the video below and come in to Spaces VR to play!

Job Simulator: The most played game at Spaces VR

That is right folks, Job Simulator is the most played game in the history of Spaces VR. That’s right, the majority of our guests would rather shoot staples than zombies. This is one of the most interactive games made for VR, and the wacky humor and sandbox play style make this one super fun game. Check out our intro video below to see how to get started.

When reloading is more than pressing a button

Any fans of military style shooters have a lot of VR options to choose from. While game play outshines the flat-screened versions, it also comes with some new mechanics that take some getting used to. For example, reloading is no longer just a button press, but involves all the rigmarole you would have to go through in real life. This can be a bit frustrating, especially when you run out of ammo just as the enemy is upon you. Watch the video below for an intro to reloading in VR.

Price changes

We are eliminating our weekday discounts from June 1st due to rising labour and other costs. Our everyday (Mon-Sun) prices will be:

Room-scale VR

  • 1 Hour: $24
  • 2-plus hours: $21 per
  • 15 minutes: $7.50

Seated VR

  • 1 Hour: $18
  • 15 minutes: $5

Two-hour party package: $250

Thanks for your understanding!

Spaces Super Pass

$105 for all you can play Mon-Fri

Available from May 21: One month pass for $105

We are excited to announce the Spaces Super Pass. For just $105, pass holders will be able to play all they want on weekdays (Mon-Fri) for one month! Some restrictions apply:

  • Pass holders can only make same-day bookings for up to two hours, but are welcome to continue playing if space is available after the two hours are up.
  • Pass holders cannot share their time with anyone else.
  • We will be limiting the number of passes, and selling them on a first come first serve basis,
  • Passes are non-refundable once purchased.

Please visit the store anytime from May 21 to buy your Spaces Super Pass and play your heart out!

Recruiting Onward squad for competitive play

Spaces VR wants to form an Onward squad for competitive play in the VR Masters League. Onward is a strategic military sim with a team deathmatch/capture the flag (or satellite uplink) format. Most importantly, it is tons of fun.

  • No experience is necessary.
  • Onward has a height requirement of around 5’6″
  • Looking for dedicated players who are willing to put in several hours of practice each week, compete in weekly matches, and spend time watching video of other team’s matches.
  • Team members will be able to practice and play at Spaces VR; having their own headset at home would be a bonus
  • Team dues will be $50 per month per player to cover cost of space and equipment, and other expenses related to managing the team.
  • Team members would have to purchase Onward on Steam
  • We need five players for a full squad, and the maximum team size is eight players

Email inquiries@spacesvr.ca if this sounds like fun.

Watch this video for an idea of what competitive play is like.


Arizona Sunshine & Island 359 Global Tournament

The Virtual Athletics League is holding an Arizona Sunshine & Island 359 Global Tournament from Oct 25-31. You can sign up to enter at Spaces VR by clicking here. There are awesome prizes to be won, and good times to be had while trying!

– Grand Prize Winner: $1000+ HTC Vive Pro + Vive Wireless Adapter
– 2nd place: $100
– 3rd place: $100
– 4th place: $100
– 5th place: $100
– 6th place: $100
– Arizona Sunshine Individual High Score: $250
– Island 359 Individual High Score: $250

Anyone who wants to enter can come to Spaces VR from October 25 at 6pm to October 31. Entrants will have to pay the usual rental price for a space and staff will help them record their run.

The rules:

The Global Tournament will be a rolling high score competition, meaning that an up-to-date high score table will be kept as the tournament progresses. The winner of the tournament will be whoever has the highest score once all the score submissions have been processed. Awards will also be given to whoever has the highest individual score in each game.
● Start Date & time: The tournament will begin October 25th at 6:00pm PST
● Ending Date & time: The tournament will run until October 31st at 12:00am
(Midnight) PST. Arcades are allowed to run their local tournaments and submit
scores at any time during this 24 hour window. There will be special Twitch
streams beginning at TBA, arcades are recommended to try to set their hours to participate near these times if they’re holding local tournaments.
● Players will play both Arizona Sunshine and Island 359 consecutively, with no breaks.
● Arizona Sunshine: Players will play Horde Mode on the Canyon map. Both Walking and Teleport modes are accepted. The scoring period ends after 9 minutes or death, whichever occurs first.
● Island 359: Players will play the Arcade (disillusion) build. The scoring period ends after Hour 5 or death, whichever occurs first.
● Aggregate Score: (Arizona Sunshine Score) x 3 + Island 359 score = Total Score
● In the event of a tie, whichever player has the highest Arizona Sunshine accuracy is the winner.
-Unlimited attempts are allowed as decided by the arcade owner.

What’s on at Spaces Oct 9

October is the month of pumpkins and creepy characters, both of which feature prominently in Stress Level Zero’s Duck Season. This homage to late 80’s hit Duck Hunt takes place in, you guessed it, the eighties. While hunting ducks is part of Duck Season, the game is more about a boy, his mom, and the creepiest dog I have ever met in any reality, virtual or otherwise. Watch as I attempt to finish the game without incurring the wrath of the dog-mascot creature. (Spoiler alert: This video shows one of the seven possible endings)

Pioneering VR developer Survios has been hard a work, releasing a couple of fantastic games over the past few months: Electronauts and Creed. Electronauts is the ultimate outer-space DJ experience. If you are wondering why anyone would want to be a DJ in outer space then stay tuned, because this game can be incredibly fun, especially in multiplayer with a friend. Check out Matt & Tyler grooving and giggling their way through the galaxy.

Next up from Survios is Creed: Rise to Glory. This arcade boxer has the best blocking and punching system I have seen in VR. It is fast paced, and rewards players of all skill level. You do not have to be Rocky Balboa to knock down your chiseled and tattooed opponents. That said, you will have to train with Rocky to make it to the championship fight. What could be better than having the Italian Stallion in your corner?