Closing temporarily due to COVID-19 outbreak

Spaces VR will be closing its doors for a while starting from today. A local doctor has confirmed a case of COVID-19 in the Comox Valley, which is one too many. We sincerely hope that everyone limits contact with others as much as possible to help protect our essential services workers and the vulnerable in our community. We look forward to serving a healthy and happy Comox Valley in the near future!

Spring Break Hours

We are opening at 11 am on weekdays for Spring break, and at 10 am (as usual) on Saturday and Sunday. Hope to see you here.

We Are Hiring

We are looking for a part-time VR ambassador to work mainly on weekends. The job offers a super fun environment and a chance to work with cutting edge VR systems. The qualified candidate must have strong customer service skills, experience using Windows 10 and Steam, and demonstrate a passion for VR. We are taking resumes now and will be hiring in time for the winter holiday. Please submit resumes either in person or via e-mail to Thanks!

Our 3 scariest games for Spooktober

Affected the Manor

Jump scares abound in this haunted house tour


Escape the dungeon, armed with only your wits and a lamp that burns oil way too fast

Kobold: Chapter 1

Holy scary VR experiences batman!

Changing our hours

We will have new our store hours starting October 19. We will continue to be available outside of store hours for party bookings. Our new hours are:

  • Monday-Thursday: 1:30pm to 8:30pm
  • Friday: Noon to 9:00pm
  • Saturday 10:00am to 10:00pm
  • Sunday 10:00am to 9:00pm

Westworld Awakening: Scary and Full of Twists

Westworld Awakening game play

If you have never heard of Westworld, then like me, you probably don’t have HBO. After playing the game for a while, I have been tempted to sign up. You play as Kate Wesson, and the first time I stepped in, despite some narrative hints, I didn’t realize I was actually an animatronic robot in a futuristic theme park for the wealthy people who pay big bucks to fulfill their darkest fantasies. Interesting plot…check.

The first chapter of the game is mostly narrative. Although you have to perform tasks to move the story forward, there isn’t much in the way of game play. Still, the environment is gorgeous and there are plenty of scares. About halfway through chapter two the game takes on a stealth element, and you have to hide from your pursuer while solving simple puzzles to move the story forward. Unfortunately, the controls can be clunky at times, which is a little frustrating when you are already freaking out because a psychopath is on your trail.

That said, Westworld Awakening does a great job of creating a tense atmosphere, especially for jumpy people like yours truly. I was literally shaking in my boots most of the time I played. If you are looking for a thrill and a good story line, then this could be your game.

October Leader Board Challenge: Superhot

Post your in-store Superhot VR score in October for a chance to win a free hour at Spaces. The highest score as of October 31 wins! We will also give an hour to the first player to beat the owner’s score of 73,608. To enter, take a photo of your high score at Spaces VR and show it to staff.

New Arizona Sunshine DLC

The Damned is a prequel to the only other DLC for Arizona Sunshine, Dead Man (which is a prequel to the main game). Check out the video below and come in to Spaces VR to play!

Job Simulator: The most played game at Spaces VR

That is right folks, Job Simulator is the most played game in the history of Spaces VR. That’s right, the majority of our guests would rather shoot staples than zombies. This is one of the most interactive games made for VR, and the wacky humor and sandbox play style make this one super fun game. Check out our intro video below to see how to get started.

When reloading is more than pressing a button

Any fans of military style shooters have a lot of VR options to choose from. While game play outshines the flat-screened versions, it also comes with some new mechanics that take some getting used to. For example, reloading is no longer just a button press, but involves all the rigmarole you would have to go through in real life. This can be a bit frustrating, especially when you run out of ammo just as the enemy is upon you. Watch the video below for an intro to reloading in VR.