How does it work?

  • Customers can rent room-scale spaces (roughly 100 square feet) equipped with one VR system that can be used by one person at a time
  • Each space has two seats, so up to three people can comfortably share one space
  • You will be able to choose from different games, and can change games anytime you like. See our games page for more info on the experiences available
  • We charge by the number of spaces (not people) and length of time. See our Home page for prices

Should I make a reservation?

  • Yes, calling ahead or booking online can guarantee you a spot
  • Drop-ins are always welcome

Do you do parties?

  • Yes! We would love to be the venue for your next  party
  • We offer a two-hour party package for anyone looking to rent the whole place for two or more hours
  • See our Parties & Events page for details

Does Spaces VR have a minimum age requirement for children?

  • We do not have a minimum age requirement
  • Please be aware that the VR headsets may not fit younger children
  • We encourage parents to research the risks associated with VR

What games do you have?

  • We offer a variety of single and multiplayer games for players of all ages. Please see our games page for details